Types of people in Mumbai Local Train

I have been travelling in Mumbai Local train for more than 10 years. My habit is to sit idle and keep watching other people travelling in train. It’s nice to come across different kind of people travelling with us.

So below are the 10 types of people you’ll find in train:

1. The Window sitters: 

Window sitters are the people who fight the battle with other people to get into the train just to get the window seat. And when they get one, they feel like they have won the battle.

2. The Doorkeepers:

Doorkeepers are exactly opposite of them. They get into the train after everybody gets in and they get into the train at last justtt to stand at the door. In fact some people even stand at door even if there are seats to sit. I guess these people love speed and breeze 😛

3. The Music Lovers:

These people doesn’t matter they are sitting or standing, they just plug in their chords or headphones and start tuning in. They just go into some different musical world. But it is really fun to see them nodding their heads on the beats.

4. The Movie Lovers:

These are people who plug in their chords and start playing movies/series and enjoy it till their destination comes. Some ladies even watch daily soaps 🙁

5. The Shoppers:

These are the people who love shopping. So whenever any seller comes with anything like accessories, food packets, books, handkerchiefs, they start checking out the stuff. In Mumbai, people hardly get time for shopping, so it becomes convenient for them to buy stuffs in local train and YAAA!!! It is cheap too 😛

6. The Sleeping Lads:

We Mumbaikars are so much busy with our hectic schedule that we hardly get time to sleep. So these sleeping lads are the people who sleep while travelling in train. For them, getting a seat to sit is like paradise. And in case if they didn’t get a seat, they sleep while standing as well.

7. The Seat Claimers:

These are the people who claim for the seat by asking everyone about their destination so that they can sit as soon as they get the claimed seat of the person getting down at the nearest destination. If they get one, it’s like a biggggg achievement for them. Some people claim even for the fourth seat.

8. The Loudspeakers:

These are the people who talk so loudly on phone or to the other person with whom they are travelling, as if they are sitting inside the house and chit-chatting and there is no one to listen. Every person in the train gets to know their story.

9. The Readers:

These are the people who crave for books and read newspapers and books while travelling. For them, sitting/standing doesn’t matter. If they have something to read, then they go into their story world.

10. The First-timers:

These are the people who travel for the first time in local train. These type of people keep on asking questions about the train timings, stations and lot more.

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