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Here comes my another blog and it’s all about my international tour to a beautiful man-made place and yes, it is DUBAI. The picture that comes to our mind when we think about DUBAI is the luxury architecture of buildings, hotels, Burj Khalifa and many more. So, yes I saw all of it. I went on this trip in the first of week of February 2019. I experienced the coldness, hotness of the city and rains as well. I will also be listing down my overall cost of the trip, dos and don’ts etc. at the end of the article. The timings which I will be referring here will be UAE timings. UAE is around 1 and a half hour behind our Indian Standard Time.

I will brief you in detail about all the places I visited there. So keep reading…

Day 1:

I landed in Dubai around 10:15 am. Then got done with immigration process and left for my hotel. I was staying at Citymax hotel, Bur Dubai. The Hotel was not that bad but was thronged as it has lot of rooms – must be around 700 rooms. I checked in and went to my room, got freshened up and relaxed for some time. Then I had my lunch at a nearby restaurant. Post my lunch, I spent some time travelling in metro. The experience was good but what I felt was Mumbai’s metro is way better than Dubai’s metro. Though thronged but better. Then I came back to my room and got ready and left for Dubai Dhow CruiseUnique Floating Restaurant (Catamaran).

We were welcomed by crew and then we stepped aboard and took the insights from the open-air, upper deck. I enjoyed the pleasant breezes as we sailed on the creek. The views of Deira’s and Bur Dubai’s illuminated skyline, the glittering lights of the Gold Souk were amazing to watch. We clicked lot of pictures as we passed by floodlit bridges, mosques, and other monuments. Then I had my buffet dinner which was not that delicious- trust me. Post our dinner, I really enjoyed live entertainment in the shape of a fast-moving traditional Tanoura show. Then there was a show where a man was singing songs of different countries like Indian, Pakistani, Afgani, Irani songs. It was fun to dance on his tune. The entire ride was for around 3 hours. Then we headed back to our hotel. This was the end of my day 1.

  • Unique Floating Restaurant (Catamaran)

Day 2:

I woke up early in the morning as that day was scheduled for Dubai City Tour. We had our breakfast in the hotel which was very delicious. We started our tour around 11 am in the morning. We saw the place where the prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum and his family lived – Zabeel Palace and the residential part just across it. We were not allowed to take the pictures. Then we also saw the gold market – Dubai Gold Souk so if you want to go that market, then there are boat services where you just have to pay 1 aed to reach market. Then we went to Palm Jumeirah– a tree shaped island where we went Jumeirah Beach. It has a view of the world’s first 7 star hotel – Burj Al Arab hotel. The beach was heavily thronged, but was a good place to spend some time to relax after roaming around. Then we had our lunch and left for our next destination – The Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa – world’s largest mall.

We reached Dubai Mall around 4 pm where we went to Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo. We saw huge shark & ray-filled tank, plus the creepy crawly zone with snakes. After this there was 6 pm fountain show. It was a 15 minutes show. It was a show of dancing water rays through the air. It looked magical especially in the evening as these rays are lit in a fantastic way by lights inside the pool. After the end of the show, we went inside the burj khalifa. A 160 storeys building – the tallest skyscraper on the planet. I entered to  go to the 124th – 125th floor. We went inside the elevator and it just took 60 mins to reach 124th floor. It was a superfast elevator. When I reached at 124th floor, the 360-degree panorama view from the top was breathtaking. I clicked many pictures. Then shopped at Dubai mall, had delicious pizza and left for the day from the mall. This was the end of my day 2.

  • Burj Khalifa

Day 3:

I woke up around 10 am to go to my next destination which was Dubai Frame. It is 150 m high and 93 m wide which resembles a huge picture frame. One can view old Dubai on one side and new Dubai on the other. It has transparent glass floors with the effect that it’s cracking while you walk. It was fun to walk on it. Then, I again went back to the hotel, had lunch took some rest and left for my next destination Desert Safari.

We had a guide with us who came to pick us at the hotel with his landcruiser. We took ride on the sand dunes which was fantastic. We took a camel ride which was less than 20m – disappointing. Then saw the beautiful sunset on desert. Then there was a camp where I chose to sit at the VIP zone where there were sofas and they will bring everything on our table. We ordered hukka and food which was average. I took some picture with the falcon. The atmosphere was quite lively with the belly dance performance, fire show, again the same performance of a man twirling which I saw at dhow cruise. Overall it was a great show. This was the end of my day 3.

  • Inside the frame

Day 4:

I woke up around 8 am in the morning and left for my next destination at 9 am for Abu Dhabi. It was a one day tour. It took around 2 hours for us to travel from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. We went to our first destination which was Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. It resembled like Taj Mahal but Taj Mahal is better. There were some dress codes to be followed by both women and men which I’ll mention later. So, I was dressed as per the rule. It is a beautiful white mosque and it had those huge chandeliers inside the mosque. No pictures were allowed to click.

Later, we went took city tour and then went to our most awaited destination in Abu Dhabi- Ferrari World. We went to theme park which was located on Yas Island. There was a huge in-door Ferrari museum and souvenir shop. It had many rides and I enjoyed sitting in Formula Rossa – world’s fastest roller coaster ride having a speed of 240 km/h. Then I sat in Flying Aces which is the world’s tallest loop ride – 52 m high non-inverted loop with a speed of 120 km/h. Then I sat in Turbo Track – a 5 second reverse free fall coaster with 102 km/h speed and the height was around 64 meters. Then I sat in Fiorano GT Challenge where riders are arranged 2 across in 2 rows for a total of 12 riders per train. It is designed to mimic Ferrari F430 Spiders. Additionally, there were many small rides, 4D shows and many more. Also I was empty stomach as I had to sit in rides so after completing all the rides, I ate this delicious nutella crepes with cheese. Then I headed back to hotel again. Reached around 10 pm. Had my dinner and slept. This was the end of my day 4.

  • Inside the Grand Mosque

Day 5:

I woke up late this time and was relaxing. As I had planned to visit 2 places in the evening. So I left around 3 am for my next destination which was Miracle Garden. It’s a huge magical place full of variety of flowers and what makes it special is, all these flowers are in the DESERT! Which makes it a miracle anyway! It was a lovely place to get lovely photos. It’s a must see place but make sure you go visit it in winter or spring because they keep it close during hot summers.

Then I went to my next destination which was Global Village. Global Village has a huge exhibition ground with pavilion from different countries of Arab League including the observer countries like India. Each pavilion has shops serving eatables and souvenir of that country. I tasted the delicious Pakistani food. You can taste food and buy clothes and experience the culture from Asia, Africa, Middle East, America all in one place. Good thing is that it opens at 4 pm and closes at 11. So it is a good place to spend evening in Dubai. Then I left for hotel around 10 pm. This was the end of my day 5.

  • Posing with Minnie Mouse

Day 6:

I woke up early and packed all my bags as it was my last day in Dubai. Then had my breakfast and went for shopping at Meena Bazaar. Then I had my lunch and again headed back to hotel. Relaxed for some time and then left for my next destination The Bollywood Theme Park – the world’s first theme park dedicated to Bollywood, Mumbai’s famous movie industry.

Decor was done nicely. There were plenty of 3d/4d/7d rides. I enjoyed all the rides like Krrish, Ra.One, Don, Lagaan & Sholay. The 360 degree Krrish ride was awesome even without the 3D glasses. They also showcased the art of film-making and special effects with an interactive show based on Zindagi na milegi dobara where guests get to participate in the shoot. It showed how dangerous scenes like skydiving are shot in front of a green screen and then blended with an appropriate background to look like the actors are skydiving from a plane. I also liked the rang manch, the victoria cafe in the train. The major attraction and entertaining show was the live show and live dances. They performed on the popular Bollywood numbers which kept us excited and engaged. Also staff was polite and helpful. Overall it was a very nice park with a lot of activities and things to do for all ages. Then I headed back to my hotel and left for Mumbai. This was the end of my day 6.

  • Posing at Bollywood Park:D

I have mentioned below the overall cost of the trip. The cost I have mentioned is not the exact amount but will give you an estimation if you are planning for the trip.

Round trip cost for Flight: Around Rs.18500

Visa cost: Rs. 6500

Dhow cruise: Around Rs. 2500

Dubai City Tour: Rs. 800

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo: Around Rs: 600

Burj Khalifa: Around Rs. 3000

Dubai Frame: Around Rs. 300

Desert Safari: Around Rs. 2000 (Here, if we you are availing for VIP area camp, or bike rides, or camel ride, or picture with falcon, then it will charge you accordingly)

Grand Mosque: Free of cost.

Ferrari World: Around Rs. 6000

Global Village: Around Rs.300

Miracle Garden: Around Rs.300

Bollywood Park: Around Rs. 900

I had spent around 60k in my overall trip inclusive of food, stay at hotel, flights, entry tickets and many more.

Best time to visit these places:

Best time to visit Dubai would be from November to February as the weather is pleasant there. Otherwise, during rest of the months, weather is too hot.

Burj Khalifa: between 4PM and 6PM as you can get both day and night view. And you can see the sunset.

Global Village: It opens at 4 pm and closes at 11 pm.

Miracle garden: It is only open from December to March from 10am-1pm. You only need a few hours here. 3 hours is more than enough.

Bollywood Theme Park: Weekends are a little busier than weekdays. The advantage of coming on a weekend is you will get to see Musical Extravaganza, Jaan-E-Jigar Musical show apart from experiencing the complete park. Also the atmosphere is absolutely amazing during weekends. I suggest you to go during evening time as it is quite hot in the afternoon. Also depends in which month you are going.

Dubai Frame: 5pm would be the best time to visit, so that it’s day time and by the time you are about to end the tour, it gets dark and you get best of both worlds (old and new dubai). You can have a glimpse of the view from the top in broad sunlight and sunset.

If you are planning to go to mosque, then follow below dos and don’ts

You need to have a more conservative dress code. For men and women, your legs and arms need to be covered – no shorts or skirts above the ankle. Additionally, your clothes should not be tight fitting – this is not the place for yoga pants! Try and ensure the fabric of your clothes is opaque as well, as see-through garments are inappropriate in a religious environment. Female visitors to the mosque will be asked to cover their hair. However, a headscarf will be provided upon entry. As a side note, you will be asked to remove your shoes.

So this was all about my visit to Dubai. Hope this article was helpful to you if you are planning for a vacation and yes! I hope you enjoyed reading it. So, Thanks for reading 🙂


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