Hey Fellas!!! Welcome to my blog smrutibhagat.com.

As the name of my website says, My name is Smruti Bhagat. And that’s me 👉

Firstly let me tell you why does my logo say “Have Less, Do More, Be More” and what does it mean. I saw this on pinterest and it really grabbed my attention. It means that we need to do and be more instead of having more.

Let me tell you something about myself. I am a 27 year old Mumbaikar and a Computer Engineer by profession. My hobbies are to listen to music, to read, to write, to socialize, to explore different places. Exploring doesn’t mean to explore those places which has to be some known and famous one but I even explore small one’s and love to write my experience about them. So, I created this blog to write about the places I visit and sharing my experiences about that place so that in future if you visit that place, you can read my articles for reference and then plan accordingly. Now reading the article and planning accordingly is completely up to you. You can also put your suggestions in the comments if you have visited that place.

I will be posting a new blog in every 3 month. So keep reading, commenting and sharing 😀


  1. Wow smruti….
    Awesome work….. Tinder brought me here..
    Your far more amazing than i expected…
    I just went through your website and saw this amazing article of various kinds of people that we get to see in trains…. Really awesome and true.
    There were subtopics in that article which didn’t had pics. I do not know whether you did it in purpose to cut shirt the length of the article or just that you didn’t had the pics at hand. I have clicked pics for certain topics related to it. But I don’t think you will need that now.
    Anyway do ping me and let me know if you need some pics related to your future articles. I’ll try my level best to get that for you. (Don’t worry, i won’t charge you anything. Just that I like your work very much.

  2. Really thanks for appreciating my article. I had no pictures to put it into that article. I will surely let you know for pictures in case if i need for any article in future. Again thank you for always such a good gesture 😊

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